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"The Round Table Effect"

"Round Table Effect" The S.O.A.W would like to invite you to join us for an alternative to our signature Let's Talk, we will talk about many topics that are affecting us today. We will talk about finances, politics, race relations, relationships and the many topics other topics that affect us as women.  This is a positive way to meet up with like-minded women. We do not come together to put anyone on the spot, or to judge your opinions on any given subject. So you can feel safe about coming out! Please contact Debra at 513-785-8374 for more info. 

Where:  Macaroni Grill
              925 E Kemper Rd  Cincinnati 45246      
When:    Friday April 21, 2017 
Time :    7:00-9:00 pm

For Additional information about other events please visit and search the group Women on the Rise, this is the same organization as the S.O.A.W this website will no longer be available after March. Thank you for your understanding.