The Strength of a Woman - Rebuilding Families & Communities
About Us


Our Mission: The Strength of a Woman is an organization dedicated to supporting the needs of  women, no matter her age, background or life experience.  Our mission is to empower, inspire and educate  women toward realizing their worth, potential and purpose.

Our Vision: To see the lives of women become strengthened and enhanced as they invest in themselves by utilizing the tools, workshops, seminars offered through our organization. Our desire is to rebuild women, families and communities one woman at a time. We believe when the woman is broken everything is broken from families to relationships, finances and health. 

What makes us unique? Unlike many organizations that focus on one or two areas of providing assistance to improve a person’s quality of life, The Strength of a Woman looks at the woman as a whole and addresses a variety of issues and needs.  We stand to accomplish the healing of women from the inside out.  Our educational and empowerment programs will reflect that. 

Why do we stand out? We are focused on equipping women with basic life skills to succeed. Sometimes women can have Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and PHDs, but never learned the basic tools for being self sufficient and whole within. Women need to be connected to other women in some way, we are designed to be in relationship, and we do everything possible to make that happen. We stand out because we believe in the total woman, not just bits and pieces. We are here to give a hand up not a handout and that is how we will rebuild our families and communities!!