The Strength of a Woman - Rebuilding Families & Communities
It is important for women to become financial literate, and understand what their money can do for them. The Strength of a Woman, believe in promoting education in many different areas to live out their mission. There will be events hosted on line, teleconferencing and in real time. Our events will not only gear towards financial literacy, but also helping to aid in the healing of women from inside out. It's a beautiful thing to see a woman begin to heal, everything about her starts to transform. She decides to trade her ashes for beauty, she makes the decision to become the best person who looks back at her in the mirror. We are offering a couple workshops before summer kicks in, but be on the look out for our Fall line up of events!

Upcoming Events
Vision & Planning Meeting/Cincinnati
Please mark your calendar to join Mia Garnett, Director of  S.O.A.W Cincinnati for 2018-19 Vision & Planning Meeting. If you have ideals, or  vision of how more can be done to strengthen women, then this meeting is for you!  Come find out how to get involved, all women are welcomed!
Please RSVP by 8/17/18 NLT  5:00pm text  Debra.kittrell 513-785-8375 

When: Saturday, August 18, 2018 
Where: Aladdin's Eatery 
9344 Union Centre Blvd. 
West Chester, OH 45069
Time: TBD

Vision & Planning Meeting/DC, Virginia, MD area

Please mark your calendar to join Debra Kittrell  President of the  S.O.A.W for the 2018-19 year Vision & Planning Meeting. If you have ideals, or  vision of how to help aid in the strengthening and empowerment of  women, then this meeting is for you!  Come find out and  get involved, all women are welcomed!
Please RSVP by 8/17/18 NLT  5:00pm to Debra.kittrell 513-785-837

When: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Where: 6601 S Van Dorn St
Alexandria, Va. 22315
Time: 5-7pm

Every Tuesday 

Please join Mr. John Marshall on one of his teleconferences. The information will trigger you to think about the steps to take to become a successful business owner, the good thing is it doesn't cost you anything but thirty minutes of your time, and you don't have to leave home to take advantage of the opportunity.( We remain POOR because we make a decision to Pass Offered Opportunities Repeatedly) If you have a business or have been thinking about starting one, this free and informative conference will get you on the right track, at least take advantage of the opportunity, what do you have to lose?


Let's Do Dinner and Talk
Ladies Of Cincinnati, Ohio, Please mark your calendars to come out and have dinner and real talk! Debra Kittrell, the Founder of The Strength of a Woman, Inc. will be in town  to give updates on upcoming events in the area and to facilitate! This is a reunion with the many ladies who have attended in the past, and open to new women who are looking to have some good conversation and real talk! Please RSVP by calling texting 513-785-8374, and don't forget to bring a friend!

When: Will resume Fall 2018  5-7pm
Where: TBD
Thank you Ladies of Cincinnati for a great year!


Past Events

Strength of a Woman Financial Empowerment Workshop/DC, Virginia and MD area

When: March 15, 2018
Where: TI Fridays 
6751-B-Frontier Drive 
 Springfield, Va 22150
Cost: $20 included appetizers, carbonated drinks, all materials
additional cost for meals and alcoholic beverages 

Come out and learn about living wills, and where to find hidden money to start saving. We are only in the beginning of 2018, and there is no time like the present to start building wealth, preparing a legacy, and living the life you dream about. If you have a business, bring your business cards and use this time for networking! Tickets can be purchased at search for Strength of a Woman Empowerment Workshop! Hope to see you there.

"Let's Talk"

"Round Table Effect" The S.O.A.W would like to invite you to join us for an alternative to our signature Let's Talk, we will talk about many topics that are affecting us today. We will talk about finances, politics, race relations, relationships and the many topics other topics that affect us as women.  This is a positive way to meet up with like-minded women. We do not come together to put anyone on the spot, or to judge your opinions on any given subject. So you can feel safe about coming out! Please contact Debra at 513-785-8374 for more info. 

Please check back for new dates, time and places in 2018. We are now in the DC, Virginia and Maryland area.

For Additional information about other events please contact us at 513-785-8374