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Confidence Is Work
Finding your way Back
Changing Times
Life's Pruning Season
Today All the Confusion Makes No Sense


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"Let's Talk"

Confidence Is Work

 Do you consider yourself confident? Well, confidence is something you have to work at, it's not something you are born with. How you see yourself can determine if you become confident or not. As a little girl, I had low self esteem maybe it came from having so many siblings that my parents couldn't just focus on my wants and desires, but as I started growing up I started thinking about what I wanted and how I wanted to live my life. In my heart I knew what type of woman I wanted to become and then started working toward that, there were things I tried and failed at it, but never allowed what I considered failure to stop me, but a lesson to be learned. When you love new adventures in life, meeting new people and having conversations with those who are different from you, you learn to be confident because in so many situations you don't feel rejection, but connection. To become confident identify your gift within, and if you can't figure out that gift, ask people in your circle what gifts do they believe you give, not really your strength, but your gift. Then you can focus on who you are, and what you have to give and it allows you to feel confident because you are doing things that lights that fire within. Confidence is a beautiful addition to your daily accessories, if people feel your confidence more doors of opportunity will be open to you. Work on your confidence and go for what you want!!

Finding your way Back

Often times during our journey we seem to get lost. We can't figure out how we got so far off track, but during those times you shouldn't be doing anything except searching to find out who you are at that present moment. It's not a time to ask God to give you purpose in this life, or something to do for others, it's a time to get deep within yourself, and discover who you are, and why you got so far off track. The key to getting into those deep places within yourself is to find quiet time, put meditation music on, take a deep breath and make sure there are no distractions. Focus on the abstract within your mind, allow the universe to paint the picture of what has been going on with you while you were so busy living. Pay attention to what you see, what sounds, colors, and scents you are sensing. All of these things have meaning, for instance, look up the meaning of the colors you are seeing, or look up the meaning of your surroundings, such as calm water, or if you are seeing yourself on a beach, is the water calm, or rough and wavy. When we take time to settle down in this life, we can become more productive and live out our purpose, but in order to do that we have to slow down and get inside ourselves.

Changing Times

This past weekend I had the pleasure of  attending a "Talk" with a group of wonderful women. We talked about a broad array of topics, but one topic came up more than once. When asked the question, "What is one thing would you change if you could?" There was more than one participant who stated she would have changed the way she raised her children. She did a good job, but during her child rearing years the focus was more on helping kids get good grades, become respectable adults, and go to college. As the women look at the world today, and the opportunities to change the world, they wished they would have instilled more of that into their kids. My take on that is, life changes and with each generation there is always something different about the last that won't be relevant in the current generation.  We are in a time where the whole world is changing, from the treatment of women, to Presidents, and  traditions of  Royal families. I would not look at today, and regret how I raised my kids in the last generation. If you are a woman interested in the change you see taking place today, then let your children make their life decisions, and you become active in what's important to you! If you have already paid your dues to society by raising good kids, then I believe this is your time to Rise and Shine, go out and  make our world a better place!!!

Life's Pruning Season

In the past I have talked about seasons of change because it is very important to remember, just as seasons change the seasons in our lives change as well. If life stayed the same we would never see the beauty in it. There must be a pruning season in our lives as we continue to grow. Just think,  if flowers bloomed year after year and the pedals dropped off, at the end of the season we would never see the beauty of the flower. We have to let go of some things sometimes in order to move forward in our growth. When we experience trials during those times of letting go, don't become negative and think the worst sometimes its for the best it could be your pruning season because you are growing.  In the difficult times, take a look at what could really be taking place. Are you frustrated, feeling anxiety, confused about the issue flowing through your life? It could be that change is taking place, your season is ending.  Take time to become aware of what is going on in your life, and make adjustments where they are needed.

Today All the Confusion Makes No Sense

There are seasons in our lives that we don't understand what is really going on, but I believe these are seasons of change. Nothing can stay the same, every moment is evolving into something new. While going through the storm of confusion, smile through the tears, and embrace the frustrations because on the other side of the storm is always sunshine! Don't get stuck in the moment, if you keep going you might find exactly what you was looking for! Have a wonderful day, life is but a moment in time!!