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How do we find our purpose ?

     Many people want to discover their purpose in life, and I have been thinking about how a person can know what their purpose is so they can start living that purpose right now!  The first thing that came to mind was to look at things we do on a daily basis, we go to work but are our jobs our purpose? Probably not, that is a means to make a living. What about being a parent could that be a purpose? As wonderful as it is parenting, unless we are doing what we were called to do in that role it becomes fulfilling a responsibility that was given to us. I think if we look out of ourselves and find God to be the center of our being, we will find our purpose because that is where purpose is driven from. When we seek God he lets us know what work needs to be accomplished, in a sense he will post a help wanted sign on our hearts, and then we seek to find out more about the job. If we decide it is a job we want, we either do one of two things, we will look to self and decide if we are capable, or we will have faith to believe that with Christ all things are possible and we won't let anything stand in the way of accepting the position.  When we decide to take the job we find purpose and a life of fulfillment. It really is as simple as that, most of the time our purpose progress over the years to fulfilling other assignments but when we find the strength to take the first step, the other steps after that is easy.

     In the word of God,  we are given a job description and it is to go out of our comfort zones or church and baptize others in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and teach about the kingdom of God. Let's go back to question concerning our jobs and is that our purpose to see how we can accomplish our mission.  I would say, "Only if you are telling others about Christ. are you fulfilling your purpose." I am not saying go to your job preaching like you are a religious fanatic, on the contrary, when you go to your job share Christ by teaching. The character you possess of self control, self respect, and other high qualities show others you possess something more than the average person, if you are on your job, and decide to tell someone about how you got through a complex situation or how God showed up for you perhaps when you were financially distressed then you are serving out your purpose on your job. It is not so hard to find out what your purpose is when you are not focused on you but focused on God.  We are given opportunities everyday to know and fulfill our purpose. Where has your focus been, has it been on you? Well then, all you have to do is change your focus.

We have a mission and that mission is to bring people to God, so they can find hope, freedom and healing. In fulfilling that purpose you need to look no further you are on your way to a purposeful life. In being a parent if you are teaching your kids about God and what his word instructs then you are serving your  purpose. So the bottom line is to put Christ in the center of your life and then you will find your purpose.There is no other way to know!

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